Change the way you drink water

FJ Bottle is the brainchild of Feijian, our founder and Managing Director. He has lived everywhere from Lebanon, through Indonesia, then in Australia, Thailand, and India to France and the United Kingdom before settling in New Jersey, United States in 2002.

During his extensive travels, he wanted to indulge in outdoor hiking and trekking and developed a love for fitness and health. To fill himself with energy and stay hydrated at all times, he decided to create the perfect water bottle that could help travelers all around the world. That's when the idea for FJ Bottle was just created.

In 2003, Feijian took the letters of his name and set up a production plant in China to give birth to the family that owns the FJ Bottle company. Initially, it started with sports-related water bottles but later other different types of bottles were added. The company gained momentum due to its innovative ideas and went on to become a huge phenomenon not only in the United States, Germany, France and the United Kingdom but also in Japan.

International attractiveness

The growing popularity of FJ Bottle makes it a popular brand not only in the United States but also throughout Europe. On different operational fronts, the success of FJ Bottle is truly reaching new heights. After launching his business in the United States, our founder soon realized that the demand for good quality and user-friendly bottles was constantly increasing so they decided to expand. The family owning the business remained true to its roots and began to grow exponentially.

Initially we hit the UK market and experienced advertising success as having a great customer base. After this burgeoning success in the UK, we increasingly expanded our bottle industries in Germany, France and Japan. It turns out that people will always appreciate a great product and that's exactly what we have to offer: the best of the best product on the market. We are planning our worldwide expeditions in the future and reaching out to an even wider audience because everyone deserves a good companion for their portable water.

An overview

We are a family owned company that manufactures water bottles for all your bottled water needs. We will create incredible, exclusive water bottles that keep hot liquids hot and cold liquids cold. Our quality is our identity and we do not compromise on the product no matter how difficult it is to achieve. We maintain the highest standards and that is the only constant for us.

Our slogan

We want to change the way you drink water. Too many times and for too long now we have had to live with mediocre water bottles that did not meet the required standards. They were either leaking or dripping everywhere, the caps don't fit or are too tight, the bottles are either too small or too big and there are plenty of other problems that can come your way. All of these problems can be avoided if a little bit is dedicated to creating the perfect water bottle. We actually did this and we hope you can see the difference when you use our water bottle compared to any other on the market.

Our motto is to provide you with something fantastic and user friendly that you are spoiled and you can never really go back to using an average water bottle in the future. We've thought of you and created the perfect water bottle. The best part about water bottles is that they are no problem at all to deal with, they don't leak or drip, they are the perfect size for your hands and mouth, and they are designed to keep in mind that every sip you sip is comfortable. It is the ambition of our company to provide you with the greatest ease, so this is possible for your training sessions and in everyday life and thus offers you a positive impact.

State of mind

Our founder and director is an absolute fitness enthusiast who really takes care of his health and is always vigilant about his diet and workout routine. Because of this mindset, he is truly able to look at the health and fitness side of water bottles and tries his best to give you a water bottle that could bring you an end all your problems. It is the utmost importance to us that we help you in your fitness journey by providing you something which becomes your companion for drinking water and useful addition for your workouts routine rather than 'a problem.

We make this the main goal of our company to come up with the best possible partnership for your fitness and healthy mind. We want you to experience life through this and simply own it. We want you to start each day with the best possible attitude towards life and that every step you take is one that leads you in a positive direction.

Products at FJ Bottle

We offer any type of water bottle you can imagine. We have thought of everything beforehand and will take care of your needs like no one else ever will. We offer you a wide range of exclusive water bottles that are simply perfect for you in every possible situation. We offer stylish stainless steel boutiques as well as other beautiful mast plastic bottles, glass bottles and also titanium bottles. They can be used for sports and even in everyday life. Not only for this but we also offer a fantastic wide range of water bottles for children.

We considered your needs for your daily life in mind when we designed this product. It will never disappoint you because we have tested it again and again following a trial and error method. So either it will be a bottle of water to take to school for your child or a bottle of water intended for gymnastics for you, we will adapt to your needs.

Our policy

There is one thing about our products at FJ Bottle, you get what you see, there are no fakes with us. We provide 100 percent the product that we show you according to our photographs. It's about being honest with customers for us. Nowhere will you find yourself misguided or deceived in any way. We are a transparent company that truly loves what they create and everything we make is not a cheap mass quality product but one of the highest quality.

The bottle revolution

We're just not saying we want to make a change in the way we drink water, we mean it. We want to bring a revolution to the water bottle where we eliminate all the things that would bother you about bottled water and welcome the deniers and the most incredible concepts. FJ Bottle aims to bring you the most modern and chic water bottles that are available on the market. We have no competition because no one can match the research and technology we put into our exclusive water bottles.

Just imagine a bottle that has no problems whatsoever. It does what it was made for and it won't give you any trouble. No leaks, no breakage, no problem opening, no problem closing and it keeps your water at a suitable temperature. Yes, FJ Bottle truly is the dream when it comes to the perfect water bottle.

Partner Brands

Since the conception of FJ Bottle, it has taken us a long time to have so many different companies wanting to partner with us to create the perfect water bottle. We have only chosen the best companies to partner with because we take tremendous pride in our designs and the way we present them.

Our partners include renowned coffee chain Starbucks, popular car makers Bugatti, Japanese retail giant MiniSo, Chinese tech brand Mi and many more. All of these amazing companies have chosen us because we provide the best quality you will ever receive.

State-of-the-art design

Our design team is led by our head designer Kris Bole who has incredible style. Our team is always ready to create the most beautiful and colorful designs for your children in the range of water bottles for children. We also add new and improved concepts every time when we increase exclusive collectible water bottles. You will always find us working very hard to provide you with the best new concepts and styles when it comes to our water bottles. We hope to continue producing the most sumptuous and stylish new designs for you to take to your next workout!

Our customer support

We are known across 6 countries for our fantastic customer support. We take great pride in providing the best to our customers. Our policies always easy following process for customers and we are always eager to help in any way possible. We respond to you on time and take care of you like family. This is what we do for our customers around the world: our family. So, don't worry, we will always be here for you.

Learn a little more about FJ Bottle

Vision: FJ Products proves to be the No. 1 brand for water bottles.

Mission: Use "a bottle magnet" to operate a bottling business, in order to provide a healthy, portable and intelligent bottle, guided by respect for the environment & by a useful lifespan.

Objective : High quality technological innovation is at the heart of our concerns.

Following our quality and state of the art designs for water bottles, we welcome all your questions and requests.

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